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Sofia Gavefalk
Program Manager

Sofia Gavefalk
Program manager

Sofia Gavefalk is the Program Manager for the AI Sustainability Center, where she drives and conducts analyses for the center’s projects.

Prior to AI Sustainability Center, Sofia worked as a management consultant at the strategy consultancy firm Boston Consulting Group, where she worked on projects across various topics and with clients from both private and public sector. Projects included large scale transformations and commercial due diligence for corporate clients, full potential plans for private equity portfolio companies, digital strategy development for private and public sector organizations, as well as the implementation of advanced data analytics and data science.

In 2018, Sofia did a Fellowship for the nonprofit organization TechnoServe in Rwanda and Kenya, where she worked as a consultant for STRYDE – TechnoServe’s pan-African youth employment & entrepreneurship program, with the overall goal of sustainably improving the livelihoods of rural youth and their households.

Sofia holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Royal Institute of Technology, with a specialization in Applied Mathematics. She did her Degree project within Entrepreneurship & Innovation for a Nordic consumer medical device start-up.

Contact Sofia via LinkedIn or e-mail at sofia@aisustainability.org