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We are creating a world-leading center for identifying, measuring and governing ethical implications of AI. The AI Sustainability Center is a co-working space for piloting and testing AI sustainability strategies and frameworks. Our focus is on mitigation of risks as well as facilitation the realization of the vast gains to organisations, society and individuals by acting proactively. We provide an opportunity for members not only to avoid future pitfalls, but also to gain a competitive edge through learning to use AI in a sustainable way.

Managing Sustainable Growth

AI Poses Ethical Risks That Are Difficult to Predict

AI has the potential to revolutionise the world. But professionals, researchers, regulators and individuals need to be aware of the ethical and social implications of the AI technology. These include risks of massive negative consequences – intended or unintended – if AI is not governed in a sustainable and ethical way.

Unintended ethical breaches are often a result of algorithms learning from historical data carrying prejudices. Also Ai is not neutral – values, unintended or intended are created by the programmer who in most cases have low skills as to how AI is scaling in a broader context. It could also be the result of immature AI, such as face recognition. In tests, systems have recognized male faces more readily than female faces – and perform better on lighter skinned subjects than darker skinned ones


Misuse of AI & Data

Violate customer integrity by using too broad or deep open data to maximize short term profits e.g. separate open data sources can be combined and create intelligence that is privacy intrusive.

The bias of the creator

AI is not neutral. AI decisions lie in the hands of a technologist without full overview or skills of the ethical broader implications on customers & suppliers.

Immature AI

Insufficient training of algoritms on data sets could lead to incorrect and unethical recommendations to suppliers & customers.

Data and machine bias

The data available is not an accurate reflection of reality or the preferred reality and may lead to incorrect and unethical recommendations to customers.

Technology is ahead of regulation

Organisations and individuals may rely on being GDPR compliant. But as technology is way ahead of regulation, this could lead to a false sense of security. It is still possible to create intelligence based on external and internal data that breaches the integrity of an individual. As this could prove costly, organisations need to insure themselves against any misuse of data.


Global Spending on AI by 2021


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Active AI Startups since 2000


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Investment in AI since 2000

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Located at ALMA – a shared space for entrepreneurs, artists, developers and creators.

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