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Media Business 2019-2023 – The Age of Revolution
Keynote: Anna Felländer

Norway’s tech conference “Media Business – The Age of Revolution”, organized by Kampanje, takes place in Oslo, Wednesday September 4th – focusing on artificial intelligence and how the technology is used to shape tomorrow’s business strategies, drive innovation and product development, and serve customers and readers – not just within media and communications, but also in business and industry.

Co-founder Anna Felländer is giving the keynote ‘AI Sustainability and Avoiding Unintended Pitfalls’ speaking about the how. “With a toolbox of methodologies, tools, and resources, along with a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder expertise, we help companies and organizations develop and implement AI in a sustainable & ethical way.” – Anna Felländer, Co-founder, AI Sustainability Center

What do you mean by ‘AI Sustainable’?

In the data driven world, both benefits and risks are exponential – all organizations should be thinking about how their use of data may impact society. We use our operational framework in order to identify, measure, and mitigate ethical and societal risks that can result from AI and data-driven technologies, a way to assess and mitigate the risks and pitfalls of AI – to achieve the goal of being ‘AI Sustainable’.

Why is it important with an ethical and sustainable lens to AI?

There is a gap between academia, politics, and corporations, and when technology advances at such a rapid pace, legislation and regulations, as well as how to measure the societal effects, are lagging behind. This causes implications on society that we have to be vigilant towards. AI will deliver revenue, cost saving, and efficiency gains, but it will also deliver new risks which can have grave consequences, such as privacy intrusion, discrimination, or capitalizing on addictions and other forms of vulnerabilities. AI is different as it is self-learning and self-scaling, and it will affect all aspects of society, not being aware of the risks and pitfalls may compromise all the benefits AI could bring.

Why do you believe a sustainable and ethical approach to AI is a competitive edge for companies and organizations?

Today most companies are data-driven, yet understanding of data and the technology is still lacking in a lot of organizations. Being able to understand both the positive and negative impacts of AI permits you to mitigate risks in advance. It is also a way to attract a younger generation of workers, offering something more than profit and efficiency – but a place that prioritizes society and people, more than the bottom line.

More about the conference: https://www.kampanje.com/events/alle-arrangement/media-business-2019-2023/