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The AI Sustainability Center Framework

The AISC’s framework is applied to AI and other data driven solutions with the purpose of detecting and mitigating ethical and societal risks. The AI Sustainability Lens, integrating the technical, legal and societal perspectives, is used throughout the framework. The framework will give you a competitive edge by being proactive and use AI in a sustainable and responsible way. Are you interested in the AI Sustainability Center Framework?

AI Sustainability Center Framework Phases

The AI Sustainability Center Ethical Risk Profiler, powered by MetricStream

​The first phase of the AI Sustainability Center Framework is risk scanning which results in an AI Ethical risk profileThe AI Sustainability Center Ethical Risk Profiler provides an assessment of the current state of AI use cases, enabling the early identification of risks, as well as a baseline to raise an organization’s self-awareness of where risks could occur which, in turn, is fundamental in building better governance and controls around unintended pitfalls.

By applying the AI Sustainability Center Ethical Risk Profiler you:

Get a validation and proof of responsible use of AI
Gain a competitive edge by learning to use AI and data-driven technologies in a sustainable way, acting ahead of the regulatory curve.
Proactively leverage the risk scanning profile as a health check for AI applications.
Ensure that your organization’s AI fundamentals are in place: transparency, explainability, accountability, and governance.

Would you like to request an AI Ethical Risk Profile?

Is your organization exposed to ethical and societal AI Risks?

Complete our mini risk scanning and receive an immediate response on your ethical and societal AI risk exposure.

Watch our demo video of the full AI Ethical Risk Profiler

“In Telia Company’s Division X we are developing innovative data centric products for cities, enterprises and consumers that will increasingly apply AI. As a leading telecom operator in the Nordics and Baltics, it is critical that we retain the high level of trust our customers have in us, so we wanted to get it right from the start with comprehensive risk scanning, facilitated by the AI Sustainability Center. Having access to this specialized AI risk tool via a global platform would allow us to be more efficient with future assessments and support the implementation of our Guiding Principles for Trusted AI across our operations.”

Stephanie Huf, Head of Marketing and Industries, Telia Global and Division X, Telia Company

“AI is becoming an ubiquitous technology where new risks threaten consumer trust caused by the lack of governance and transparency. MetricStream’s M7 GRC platform will enable AISC to scale its innovative, proactive approach in helping organizations build a strong foundation of good governance, risk visibility, and compliance powered by ethical AI.”

Vidya Phalke, Chief Innovation Officer, MetricStream

We also offer insights and expertise to drive the development of sustainable AI

› Tailored insights and research with multi- disciplinary teams customized to your industry, sector or AI challenge.
› Co-convening and possibility to innovate with others from companies, start-ups, regulators, policy makers, academia and civil society.
› Educational seminars, guest lectures, workshops and roundtable discussion with partners and stakeholders.
› Periodic updates on future standards, regulation and policy in Nordic countries, Europe and globally.
› A platform for engagement with like-minded, proactive organizations.

Our Services

For Organizations


Company specific workshops and training around “understanding and implementing Sustainable AI”.


A report with recommendations based on company specific challenges and opportunities.

Risk Identification and mitigation

Implementation of AI Sustainability Framework starting with risk identification.

Action Plan

Prioritised next steps to become AI Sustainable.

Research and Testing

Tailored research & testing, and piloting of different approaches.

Expertise on Hand

Tailored teams and dedicated advisors support you.