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Anna Felländer
Co-founder, AI Sustainability Center

Anna Felländer

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Anna Felländer is the co-founder of the AI Sustainability Center, where she leads the center and manages overall operations and relations together with Elaine Weidman Grunewald.

Anna is one of Sweden’s leading experts on the effects of digitalization on organizations, society, and the economy, and has published a number of reports on the subject – on topics such as e-commerce, FinTech, and the sharing economy. Anna is also a frequent speaker at Nordic tech- and political events, including Slush and the Almedalen Week.

Most recently, Anna was the Chief Economist and Digital Economist & Futurist of Swedbank. Moreover, she has been working with the Swedish Government for almost ten years in various expert roles and departments.

Anna has held positions in academia, government, the digital start-up scene, and large organizations focusing on Artificial Intelligence & Ethics. She has been a Senior Advisor to the Minister of Digitalization, Affiliated Faculty at the Royal Institute of Technology, as well as a Board member at AI startups. She is an expert advisor to  Sana Labs, which applies deep learning to make education personalized and more accessible.

Anna holds a Master’s degree in Macroeconomics from Stockholm School of Economics.

Contact Anna on LinkedIn or via email at anna@aisustainability.org