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What we offer

General Insights

Insights and expertise to drive sustainable AI development

› Tailored insights and research with multi- disciplinary teams customized to your industry, sector or AI challenge.
› Co-convening and possibility to innovate with others from companies, start-ups, regulators, policy makers, academia and civil society.
› Educational seminars, guest lectures, workshops and roundtable discussion with partners and stakeholders.
› Periodic updates on future standards, regulation and policy in Nordic countries, Europe and globally.
› A platform for engagement with like-minded, proactive organizations.

AI Sustainability Framework

The AISC’s framework is applied to AI and other data-driven solutions with the purpose of detecting unintended ethical pitfalls surrounding AI, and thereby preventing risks before they occur. The AI Sustainability Lens, which looks at AI governance from a technical, legal, and societal perspective, is used throughout the framework.

Our Services

For Organizations


Company specific workshops and training around “understanding and implementing Sustainable AI”.


A report with recommendations based on company specific challenges and opportunities.

Risk Identification and mitigation

Implementation of AI Sustainability Framework starting with risk identification.

Action Plan

Prioritised next steps to become AI Sustainable.

Research and Testing

Tailored research & testing, and piloting of different approaches.

Expertise on Hand

Tailored teams and dedicated advisors support you.

The AI Sustainability Center’s risk scanning, powered by MetricStream

The AI Sustainability Center and MetricStream are jointly offering an automated tool for risk scanning of data and AI solutions. We are combining the MetricStream cloud-based governance, risk management, and compliance platform and AISC’s framework for Sustainable AI, thus allowing organizations to effectively gain insights into their use of AI and data-driven solutions and where risks might occur.

Example of tailored projects

• “Scanning” – Risk analysis of data and AI processes for a specific product offering or solution
• Risk identification, assessment management and mitigation measures
• Framework for AI Sustainability and implementation support